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Gibraltar Extendable Mini Cymbal Boom Arm with Brake Tilter


Extendable Mini Cymbal Boom Arm with Brake Tilter Primary Image
MSRP: $109.99



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Vendor: Gibraltar | Vendor Code: 264080
UPC: 471898130016

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Gibraltar is a leader in innovation and solving problems for drummers. The SC-EXMBBT is an extendable mini cymbal boom arm with a telescoping cymbal rod. This boom arm extends from 13″ to 21.5″ giving drummers the ability to mount their cymbals in close, tight proximities, as well as extending to longer distances for longer range placement.

• Position your cymbal at the distance you need without extra boom cluttering your set up

• Down shaft length of 9″, with a 7/8″ diameter

• Adjustable length boom arm that extends from 13″ to 21.5″

• 12.7mm knurled boom rod for extra grip and stability

• Gearless brake tilter to fine tune cymbal placement
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