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Ik Multimedia iRig Nano Amp

Red<br><br>Battery-Powered Micro Amplifier & Interface for Mobile Device

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Vendor: Ik Multimedia | Vendor Code: 225424
UPC: 888680697679

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The IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp is tailor-made for on-the-go electric guitarists. Not only does it operate as a handy miniature guitar/bass amplifier, it also houses an iRig 2 interface for connecting to your iPhone or iPad. Rocking out on this battery-powered guitar amplifier is a blast, thanks to a British-emulating tone stack that pumps out 3 watts of Class B power through a 3″ speaker. And when it's time to lay down some tracks, fire up the included AmpliTube app on your smart device and let 'er rip. Experience the ultimate in low-volume jamming with the IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp.
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