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Ik Multimedia iRig® Pro DUO

2-Channel Mobile Audio/MIDI Interface for iOS, Android and Mac/PC

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Vendor: Ik Multimedia | Vendor Code: 153169
UPC: 888680601867

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iRig PRO DUO is an universal, mobile 2 channels Audio and MIDIinterface that packs in an ultra-compact and highly portable enclosure,all the necessary connections for making or recording high-qualitymusic on the go with iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC. iRig PRO DUO comes with 2 analog combo inputs for connectingmicrophones or instruments, MIDI I/O, headphone output and stereobalanced line outputs.

Inputs can accept microphone (both dynamic and condenser), line or high-impedance (guitar, bass, etc.) signals and can be used on the field with condenser microphones that need Phantom power. When you use iRig PRO DUO on the go with your iOS device you'll need 2 AA batteries; as an alternative the DC In port allows you to connect iRig DUO to the external power supply that will supply all the needed energy to DUO. Instead, when using iRig DUO with Mac or PC, all needed power is supplied by the computer.
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