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Ik Multimedia SampleMoog

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MSRP: $229.99




Vendor: Ik Multimedia | Vendor Code: 631502
UPC: 884088412876

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SampleMoog™ includes the sounds of all the most sought-after vintage and modern Moog™ synthesizers spanning the entire Moog history, in an easy to use, sample-based virtual instrument “powered by SampleTank” available as a plug-in (RTAS/AU/VST) for the most popular DAWs and a standalone application for Mac and PC. SampleMoog offers over 1,700 basses, leads, pads and effects sounds from the very first Moog Modular systems to rare MiniMoogs to Taurus™ Bass Pedals, PolyMoogs, MemoryMoogs and more.
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