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Kat Hi-Hat Pad and Controller F/ KT4M

Kat Hi-Hat Pad and Controller F/ KT4M Primary Image
MSRP: $333.99



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Vendor: Kat | Vendor Code: 775631
UPC: 647139325606

this opportunity with your friends.

A better cymbal is here. The kt4 is the first KAT drum set to feature a real-time actuating, movable, three-zone, 12-inch hi-hat cymbal pad to give you more control over your sound than ever before. The Pro Hat also has three programmable zones-bell, bow and edge for more natural response and realistic playing.

The package includes a real-time actuating sensor that allows for various open and close articulations. The Pro Hat is designed exclusively to work with the KAT kt4 module. This combination of hardware and software work together brilliantly to help showcase your drumming abilities to their full potential.

Included: 12″ 3-zone hi-hat Pad, Actuating sensor, Y-Cable for kt4 Power cable, Drum Key, Cup Felt, ManualŸ
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