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Line 6 Powercab 112 Speaker Cabinet

Active Speaker System

Powercab 112 Speaker Cabinet Primary Image
MSRP: $839.99



In Stock

Vendor: Line 6 | Vendor Code: 277162
UPC: 614252306584

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The Powercab 112 and Powercab 112 Plus are 1x12 active speaker systems that deliver an authentic “amp-in-the-room” playing experience when paired with any modeler, profiler, or even an amp-simulation pedal. Select one of six classic Speaker Models as alternatives to your current cab models, or simply plug in your modeler and play using Flat Mode – the choice is yours. Powercabs are also loud enough to fill any small club or medium-sized venue, and performing guitarists will also appreciate their lightweight yet roadworthy construction, compact size, flip-out kickstands, and XLR direct outputs.

Features of the Powercab 112 include:

• 1 Combination Input Jack

• 6 Speaker Emulations

• Does not include L6 Link/AES/EBU, USB audio interface, presets, display, impulse response support or MIDI I/O

• Weight: 15.08 kg (33 lb 4 oz)
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