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Morley Pedals ABC

Selector Combiner<br><br>Model ABC

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Vendor: Morley Pedals | Vendor Code: 242735
UPC: 664101000415

this opportunity with your friends.

Route one guitar to three amps OR route three guitars to one amp. Then, you can combine or select as needed. True Bypass circuit and passive design requires no power. One 9V battery or optional 9V adapter required for LED indication only. Cold-Rolled steel enclosure decked out in royal blue. Cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door and two-year warranty.

Features include:

• Route one guitar to three amplifiers. Select or combine amplifiers in any combination

• Route three guitars to one amplifier. Select any guitar with a click of a footswitch

• LEDs show you which signal is active

• Unite is passive and true bypass and will work without battery (One 9-volt battery is required for LED indication only)

• Powers from 9V battery (for LEDs) or optional Morley 9V Adapter

• Cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door & two-year warranty
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