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Morley Pedals Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Pedal

Model MTG2

Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah Pedal Primary Image


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Vendor: Morley Pedals | Vendor Code: 260554
UPC: 664101001085

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Limited edition mini version of George's signature wah: electro-optical wah with three wah modes: wah (traditional), wow (bit of overdrive with unique vowel-like tone) and wah lock (allows user to electronically lock the wah in wah mode). A NOTCH knob allows you to dial in the appropriate wah frequency. Decked out in yellow & purple tiger stripes and our unique glow-in-the-dark treadle rubber. Suitable for guitar, bass or keys. Powers from one 9V battery or optional Morley adapter. LED Indication, cold-rolled steel housing, quick clip battery door and one-year warranty.

Features include:

• Limited edition in yellow and purple tiger stripes

• Switchless design. Simply step on to engage wah mode and step off to go to bypass

• Three foot-selectable wah modes; traditional wah; wow and wah lock

• Wow mode is a unique vocal wah tone that is great for throaty lead work

• Loudness knob alters wah output in any wah mode

• Wah lock switch electronically locks pedal into wah mode. The Notch knob allows you to dial in the wah tone “position”

• “TrueTone” bypass buffer circuit ensures pure tone and maintains signal in all modes

• Glow-in-the-dark treadle rubber and toe end Morley logo

• Powers from one 9-volt battery or optional Morley 9V adapter

• Cold-rolled steel housing, LED indication, quick clip battery door and one-year warranty

• Works with guitar, bass or keys
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