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Samson Audio SRK Pro Metal Rack Doors – 21-Space

Front/Rear Equipment Rack Doors<br><br>For SRKPRO21 Model (HL00276488)

SRK Pro Metal Rack Doors – 21-Space Primary Image
MSRP: $121.99



In Stock

Vendor: Samson Audio | Vendor Code: 276446
UPC: 809164020110

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Designed specifically for use with Samson SRK Pro Racks (sold separately), the Samson SRK Pro Metal Rack Doors are available in four sizes to accommodate any SRK Pro Rack setup: 8-space, 12-space, 16-space and 21-space. Packaged and sold individually, these rack doors are constructed of commercial-grade cold rolled steel with top and bottom perforations for passive ventilation. They are made to fit in both the front and rear rack panels, and can be easily hinged on either side (right or left) via a dual spring-loaded hinge system. Lastly, the SRK Pro Metal Rack Doors all have a spring-loaded locking latch handle (key included) to provide convenient/secure access to your rackmounted gear.
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