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Samson Audio MediaOne M30

Pair of 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors

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MSRP: $103.99



In Stock

Vendor: Samson Audio | Vendor Code: 250003
UPC: 809164020240

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This compact, full-range speakers provide a solution for all your desktop and multimedia applications. Whether you're listening to music, producing tracks, watching videos or gaming, this stereo monitor pair features an internal amplifier, solid wood construction and high-quality components that produce big sound, while occupying minimal desktop space.

Features include:

• 3″ copolymer woofers, 3/4″ silk dome tweeters

• Crystal clear high-end performance, exceptional bass response

• Bass Boost switch

• Stereo RCA inputs

• Stereo 1/8″ Sub and headphone outputs

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