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Tycoon percussion 14″ Bodhrán Tunable Frame Drum

Model TBTFD-14

14″ Bodhrán Tunable Frame Drum Primary Image
MSRP: $139.00



In Stock

Vendor: Tycoon percussion | Vendor Code: 230862
UPC: 888680675431

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The bodhrán is an Irish frame drum from the mid-19th century that gained popularity through Celtic music and began to spread beyond Irish shores. Today, they can be found in all corners of the globe and there have been a number of modern variations manufactured over the years. Features of the Tycoon frame drum includes:

• Shells constructed from environmentally-friendly Siam Oak wood

• Equipped with natural goat skin heads

• 14″ diameter, available in tunable and non-tunable versions

• Includes wooden tipper also made from Siam Oak wood

• Tunable version includes tuning key
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