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Walrus Audio RED High-Gain Overdrive

Guitar Pedal

RED High-Gain Overdrive Primary Image
MSRP: $219.00




Vendor: Walrus Audio | Vendor Code: 251361
UPC: 852732006542

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The Walrus Audio RED is a mean, heavy, have no mercy distortion pedal. Inspired by the brutal, heavy tones found in classic metal and 90's shoegaze bands, Walrus Audio has designed a new high gain distortion that is capable of achieving aggressive, pounding, thick tone that will appeal to everyone from skate punks, to heavy hearted chord spillers, to the Swedish Death Metal players. The RED is a versatile distortion that is sure to become the new high gain staple on players' boards everywhere.The Texture switch provides two different configurations of clipping diodes. The down position selects the highest level of compression and clipping available. Use this mode for smooth singing leads and heavily compressed rhythm work. The up position selects the lowest level of compression and clipping available. Use this mode for a more course tone that is more overdrive-like in nature.

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