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Projects in Motion

StatusProject NameContributionsTempoKeyAudio ReferenceNotes
PublishedBan all the Steves180.0EN/A
StartingNo, Don't, Stop!
  • Caleb Clapp
  • Caleb Clapp
133.04GGet MP3
PublishedJurassic Park (N.E.S. / Gameboy)
  • Yilliamata
PublishedSonic - Green Hill Zone
  • Jed Ewert
PublishedChrono Trigger - Peaceful Days
  • Caleb Clapp
PublishedFFVI Terra's Theme158.0AbN/A
PublishedCrash Man
  • Yilliamata
  • Ian Graham
Published1943: The Battle of Midway
  • Elliot Starks

Help Make these Projects Better

We’re currently accepting suggestions for the green projects in the above table.

Upload your audio track, video, lyric sheet or other contribution here. If we use it, we’ll be sure you are credited properly and receive compensation per the percentages referenced below (assuming the track is successful, of course). Help us write!

Collaboration Terms
  • Content uploaded from this URL must not be derivative.
  • Content submitted from this URL must be and IS OWNED BY YOU.
    It is NOT owned by Sonic Guys.
  • Sonic Guys is afforded full creative control of these materials to aid in the creation of its custom content.
  • Sonic Guys is allowed to modify any content uploaded from this URL, as it sees fit, to improve and/or enhance resulting custom content.
  • Sonic Guys DOES NOT have authority to use these submitted materials in raw, unmodified form for any other reason.
  • Resulting custom content will be used on the Sonic Guys website, any/all related entities (Sonic Guys YouTube, Twitch, etc.) and conditionally made available for purchase on an unspecified list of digital media platforms.
  • Sonic Guys will use due dilligence to maintain an accurate accounting of content uploaded from this URL for tracking potential monetary returns on any moderately successful content per the *structure below.
  • Any income received from Sonic Guys content creations exceeding the operating costs will be distributed to collaborators based on this *structure:
    • 5% for MAJOR contributions - Examples:
      • Lead Vocals
      • Instrument Solos (piano, guitar, sax, etc.)
      • Multi-track Drums
      • Lyric Sheets
    • 1% for MINOR contributions / fragments - Examples:
      • Rhythm Tracks (guitar, bass, etc.)
      • Backup Vocals/Harmonies
      • Single lyric lines/verses
      • Chord Progression / Melody / Riff
    • Some known costs affecting NET profit:
      • Up to $30 will be spent on Google Ads for each produced music video posted to YouTube in order to ensure they are seen.
      • Digital albums will be released on an array of music sales platforms via one of many Music Distribution platforms.
  • Content submitted from this URL will not necessarily be used in a project.
Only if you agree with ALL of these terms should you proceed and type "I agree" here.