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Ideas for Future Consideration

Suggested Originals

Idea DetailsContributor
FFVII Remake Epic Spoiler - 18 minute punk rock ballad covering the gist of all 18 chapters.sncg
Really long epic Song - at least 10 minutes - Because we need more Bohemian Rhapsodyssncg
Punk rock and EDM - Because Yilli and SNCG?sncg
Missing Gaming - Being too busy with other crap to grind on some RPGs.sncg
No, Don't, Stop - Confusing commands that mean something different without commas.ClappMSTR
I took a fuckin class. on how to give a shit. but then i fuckin failed. 'cause i don't give no shits - song idea or just a line in a versePrezDispenser82
Who put me in Charge? - a song about leadershipPrezDispenser82
Girl i found something stanky in our room. (Did you leave this for me?) - i just like the word stankyPrezDispenser82
Poopin' in the alley - Funk song about walking home after closing time.ClappMSTR
Lick that Plate - you can talk about a good meal or something sexierPrezDispenser82
I wish i had more existential problems, My problems are too tangible - a song about your tangible issues, and how you long to worry about dumb things.PrezDispenser82
I only speak in Thirst person - Drinking song,PrezDispenser82
Sorry Girl, I Lost Momentum - song about uh. loosing momentum... in bedPrezDispenser82
I'm gonna use it - song about a gym membership and the internal struggle of cancelling itPrezDispenser82
Sparkling water song in the style of the chainsmokers - Make it using instrumentation similar to those used in the popular chainsmokers songs. Key feature is a chorus with no words. Make it present the two sides of sparkling water debate.ClappMSTR

Suggested Covers

Idea DetailsContributor
Theme from The Veldt / Gau's Theme - A rockin' cover of Gau's theme from the far superior FFVI.KlondikeJoel
Toe Jam and Earl - Jammin' main themesncg
The water level from Donkey King Country - it's one of the greatsdad_rock
Main theme from Goonies II NES - It's amazingdad_rock
A cover of Bobby Boris Pickett's Monster Mash - This idea is terrible. But when I worked on my first film I really wanted this song, only a punk version to play over the end credits. The Misfits had already done it, but we'd already spent 20 grand---that Jerry Only wanted our blood.adamthehudd
Rygar Chiptune - NESFR33RID3R33
Faxanadu Chiptune - NESFR33RID3R33
Romance of the three kingdoms - theindependentbeerbar

Suggested Themes

Idea DetailsContributor
HALLOWEEN - PLAY HALLOWEEN SONGS BECAUSE Covifd halloween, its on a saturday. It's rad. Great songs. I dont think you should do christmas because you are not a bible thumping cunt.azaydius
COVID X-Mas - North pole click list, sterilized gifts. black friday unintentional DDOS.sncg
Public Domainion - Take songs that just became public domain and put our spin on it.sncg

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